The Occupied Territories of Artsakh

According to the tripartite announcement of November 9, 2020 which concluded the war launched by Azerbaijan in September 27, 2020 the Republic of Artsakh maintained about 2900 square km from its entire territory of 11.458 square km. Under the terms of the tripartite announcement Azerbaijani army entered Akna/Aghdam, which was included in the region of Askeran, on November 20, 2020. Shahumyan/Karvachar/Kelbachar region with its 16 communities was transferred to Azerbaijan on November 25, 2020. On December 1, 2020, northern part of the Kashatagh region (Berdzor/Lachin) was handed over to Azerbaijan, while its southern part was seized during the war. On August 25-26, 2022, the city of Berdzor, Nerkin Sus and Aghavno villages from Kashatagh region were handed over to Azerbaijan.

Along with the aforementioned territories, during wartime Azerbaijan took control over the following territories: Martakert region with its 8 communities (1․ Nor Seysulan, 2․ Hovtashen, 3․ Nor Haykajur, 4․ Nor Karmiravan, 5․ Nor Aygestan, 6․ Nor Maragha, 7․ Talish, 8․ Mataghis), Hadrut region with its 29 communities (1․ Hadrut, 2․ Azogh 3. Aknaghbyur, 4. Aygestan, 5. Arajamugh, 6. Arakel, 7. Arevshat, 8. Banadzor, 9. Drakhtik, 10.Taghaser, 11. Taghot, 12. Khandzadzor, 13. Tsakuri, 14. Tsamdzor, 15. Karmrakuch, 16. Hakaku, 17. Hartashen, 18. Mariamadzor, 19. Mets Tagher, 20. Mokhrenes, 21. Norashen, 22. Pletanc, 23. Jrakus, 24. Vardashat, 25. Togh, 26. Tumi, 27. Ukhtadzor, 28. Kyuratagh, 29․ Mekhakavan),the city of Shushi and Karintak village from Shushi region, 8 communities from Askeran region (1․ Avetaranoc, 2. Aknaghbyur, 3. Jraghacner, 4. Madatashen, 5. Sghnakh, 6. Moshkhmhat, 7. Ukhtasar, 8. Armenakavan), 6 communities from Martuni region (1․ Jivani, 2. Shekher, 3. Zardanashen, 4. Sargsashen, 5. Taghavard, 6. Vazgenashen), (

Artsakh after 2020 aggression.

On December 12, 2020, the units of Azerbaijani armed forces occupied Hin Tagher and Khcaberd villages from Hadrut region. As a result, according to the head of Tagher communal administration, 8 people suffered from injuries, and there was an information about 10 people being captured. 

On March 24, 2022, in line with the information circulated by the Government of Artsakh, the Azerbaijani armed forces occupied Parukh village, taking under their control the strategically important mountain peak of Karaglukh. 

The Azerbaijani armed forces illegally occupied several parts of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Particularly, on May 12-13, 2021, they crossed the border near Lake Sev (which is situated east of the town Ishkhanasar and mountain Mets Ishkhanasar, north of the city of Goris and Verin Shen and Akner villages of the Syunik Province) as well as near Verin Shorzha and Kut village in Gegharkunik Province. Later, on May 20, a group of Azerbaijani soldiers penetrated 3.5 km into the Armenian territory near Khoznavar village of Goris region. On the whole, Azerbaijan has occupied 41 square km of the territory of the Republic of Armenia.